The Canada Council for the Arts has awarded 5468796 Architecture the $50,000 Professional Prix de Rome prize for their project Table for 12, which will allow hosts from eight cities to set the table for informal conversations about architecture. 

The objective of 5468796’s winning project is to research cities around the world with a prominent design culture and to gain a deeper understanding of the catalysts that have built a strong commitment to architecture. At the end of the research period, 5468796 will disseminate the information with the hope that they and others will use it to expand architectural design culture in Canada and beyond.

Winnipeg, Canada | FINALE

The project begins and ends in Winnipeg. In September of 2013, the first event will be held in partnership with Storefront MB at the Winnipeg Design Festival. In June of 2014, Winnipeg will host the RAIC Festival of Architecture, an annual conference that brings together practitioners and industry professionals from across Canada. Our intention is to apply as a presenter and prepare a lecture that will summarize and disseminate the knowledge gained over the year-long travel and research study.

DINNER PLANS: Table for 1200

Dinner date: Saturday, May 31, 2014
Venue:  To be announced 1 hour prior to the event
Launch event:  Winnipeg Design Festival, 10x20x20, September 20, 2013
Collateral event: RAIC Festival of Architecture - Architectural Fringe Festival, May 28-31
Guests + Contributors:  Stay tuned.

Table for 1200 is an initiative by StorefrontMB and 5468796 Architecture, organized in conjunction with the Architectural Fringe Festival, a spin-off of the Architecture Canada | RAIC Festival.

At 365 metres long, Table for 1200 will be the world's longest dinner table and a truly spectacular ‘pop up’ outdoor dining experience that will attract both local and international media attention. The event will be a fun and exciting opportunity to engage in a public conversation about the value of architecture and related design disciplines. The event will take place in a prominent public location in downtown Winnipeg, to be announced one hour prior to the occasion.

The dining event will also act as the finale of "Table for 12, Canada's Prix de Rome project 2013", a series of dinners held in eight cities around the world that sparked a meaningful dialogue about the importance of architectural culture. Consisting of 150 tables of eight, Table for 1200 will invite representatives from the city government, prominent institutions, arts organizations and citizens alike to take a seat at the table and join in on the discussion.

Table for 1200 will highlight Winnipeg's emerging design scene by bringing together architecture, design and the culinary arts to create an evening of entertainment and stimulating conversation in an absolutely unique setting.


Stay tuned for more information about the RAIC Festival of Architecture!


The 'Table for 12' will be officially launched in Winnipeg at the Winnipeg Design Festival at the 10x20x20 event - see poster for details. If you're in town, please join us!


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