The Canada Council for the Arts has awarded 5468796 Architecture the $50,000 Professional Prix de Rome prize for their project Table for 12, which will allow hosts from eight cities to set the table for informal conversations about architecture. 

The objective of 5468796’s winning project is to research cities around the world with a prominent design culture and to gain a deeper understanding of the catalysts that have built a strong commitment to architecture. At the end of the research period, 5468796 will disseminate the information with the hope that they and others will use it to expand architectural design culture in Canada and beyond.


Venue:  Planetary Sculpture Supper Club, September 13th, 2013
Caterer: Center for Genomic Gastronomy
546 Travel Team:  Colin, Shannon & Jordy
Collateral Event:  Lisbon Triennale 2013, ‘Close, Closer’, September 12-15, 2013 [opening days]


Meet our Dinner Guests + Contributors:

Luis Santiago Baptista | Editor in Chief of Arqa Magazine

Caitlin Biggar, Anders Peacock & Fatima Rehman | Students at Faculty of Architecture and Planning at Dalhousie University on Erasmus Exchange at FAUTL, Participants in Arctic Adaptations (2014 Venice Biennale in Architecture)

Diogo Burnay | Principal at CVDB Arquitectos and director of the Faculty of Architecture and Planning at Dalhousie University

Brendan Cormier | Managing editor at Volume Magazine

Alexandra Cruz | Architect and former Coordinator for International Relations at Office for Contemporary Art Norway (OCA)

José Mateus | Principal of ARX Portugal Arquitectos and founder of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale

Patricia Matis | PhD candidate and Associated Architect at BAIXA Atelier de Arquitectura

Maria Rita Pais | Architect at Pedra Silva Arquitectos and Professor at PARQ Departamento de Arquitectura e Paisagem

Pedro Belo Ravara | Principal of Baixa Atelier de Arquitectura

Luis Pedra Silva | Principal of Pedra Silva Arquitectos and contributor to ArchDaily's Recessionary Interviews

Meet our Host, Beatrice Galilee:

HOST : Beatrice Galilee | Chief Curator, Lisbon Architecture Triennale


Beatrice Galilee | Chief Curator, Lisbon Architecture Triennale

Beatrice Galilee is a London-based curator, writer, critic, consultant and lecturer of contemporary architecture and design. Trained in Architecture at Bath University, and in History of Architecture MSc at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, Beatrice specializes in the dissemination of architecture and design through media, curatorial practice, research, editing and teaching.

Beatrice + 546

Although we have only met Beatrice via Skype, we are excited by the potential of ‘Close, Closer’ in relation to our own work. Plurality in spatial practice has many meanings, but one concept we gravitated towards is that architects today are not only proposing structures, “they are designing tactics, behaviours and strategies.”

About the Collateral Event: Close, Closer

Close, Closer, the third edition of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale examines the political, technological, emotional, institutional, and critical forms of global spatial practice.

Led by chief curator Beatrice Galilee and curators José Esparza, Mariana Pestana, and Liam Young, the Triennale will provide a platform for emerging practitioners and protagonists whose work and interests are far from a traditional client-architect model. The exhibitions, conferences, talks, and fringe events organised by the curatorial team should introduce to the public, and a new generation of architects, this expansive and often unchartered field...

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